TAF have ATA Personnel Trained in the latest Installation and Maintenance methods

together with yearly Refresher Training.

Staff & Employees Licensed to carry out the work.

Employees have Company Uniforms & Vehicles have signage.

Staff & Employees are Police Cleared yearly to work in sensitive areas.

Commscope Accreditations

  • CommScope Security Design and Engineering (SP7710)
  • CommScope OSP Fiber Design and Engineering (SP4410)
  • SYSTIMAX iPatch Sales and Marketing (SP5502)
  • CommScope Cabling for In Building Wireless (SP6300)
  • CommScope Wired for Wireless (SP6200)
  • SYSTIMAX Data Center Design and Engineering (SP8810)
  • SYSTIMAX MasterClass D&E and I&M Recertification (SP3351)
  • ImVision GL5555 CISS Pre-Qualifier (GL5554/5)
  • SYSTIMAX Data Center Solutions (SP8820)
  • SYSTIMAX Overview (SP3300)
  • The Redwood Solution (SP7302)
  • CommScope Coax Cable Solutions (SPCCCS)
  • SYSTIMAX Data Center Fundamentals (SP8800)
  • CommScope Enterprise Fiber Solutions (SP4400)
  • SYSTIMAX IBIS Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solution Specialist (SP7700)
  • SYSTIMAX SCS iPatch Hardware Installation and Administration (SP5503)
  • SYSTIMAX Certified imVision Support Specialist (GL5555)
  • SYSTIMAX Sales Solutions (SP5602)
  • Redwood Lighting Fundamentals (SP7301)
  • Redwood Sales Engineering (SP7310)
  • JDSU GFS Fibre Testing (SP4700)
  • Redwood Project Planning & Preparation (SP7320)
  • iTracs Intro to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) (WR9801)
  • Redwood System Installation & Commisioning (SP7340)
  • JDSU Trouble Shooting 40/100Gbps MPO Fiber Infrastructure (WR9401)
  • Commscope Certified Authorised Trainer Assessor (ATA)
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